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Architects of Future : Children’s Day Celebrations at NEEV


Collage of some cards lovingly handmade by NEEV School teachers for the children

Dear Friends,

If the world today has to come out of the mess it finds itself in today, it requires new architects who are educated differently. Does education mean training children to develop technical capacity to get a livelihood or does it mean to help them understand the vast significance of life? Is education a means to create docile, imitating minds that fit in society or does education means creating minds that can question and learn? Does education mean creating cogs that service the vast industrial-consumeristic machine of society or does it mean to create sensitive human beings who care and nurture for the earth.

For five thousand years man has not learnt to live without conflict. Wars, environmental catastrophes and social inequalities have been the norm rather than an exception. Instead of developing a life of love, freedom and beauty on earth we have created inequity, strife and destruction. For years we have relied on authorities and experts to solve our problems. We have looked up to kings, priests, sacred books, politicians and scientists to tell us what is life and how to live. The result of abdication of this responsibility has been nothing but a vastly insensitive society where each individual is conditioned to ruthlessly strive and scramble to the top of a heap or else pigeonhole oneself in comfortable social roles that promise security. While the world simmers with wars, reeks with environmental pollution and languishes in poverty and misery, we continue our lives as usual – unconcerned, non-chalant, ignorant and self-seeking.

NEEV Vidyalaya is a place where we learn how not to go to sleep. It is a place of questioning and freedom. It is a place where young minds are not doused by authority and fear to cower down and become meek participants of a society that loves and rewards docility, compliance and imitation. It is a place where children learn to know themselves and discover their conditioning imposed by society. No revolutions in the outer, no system changes by governments can free man of conflict till he himself does not take up the responsibility of knowing himself/herself. Without self-knowledge, there is no transformation, no revolution that can free man from suffering on this earth.

So on Children’s Day, I thank all the friends who have come together to create NEEV Vidyalaya through their sponsorships, a unique and vital space for a work of such tremendous importance because it is only through right education that humanity can be transformed. I am including some pics to help you get the feel of what it is to be a child or a teacher at NEEV.



Card on Children’s Day created by a NEEV CIL Member using natural colours


Some of the Cards written by me to Std. 10 students who are going to leave school next year


Teachers of NEEV singing Kishore Da’s song – Aane Waala Pal Jaane Waala Hain for children


Anjali and Simi – NEEV CIL Members and NEEV Vidyalaya Teachers singing the song Yeh Jo Des Hai Mera


 Myself talking to children of NEEV Vidyalaya on what makes our school special


Shikha wishing the children a Happy Children’s Day


Our daughter Harshal who has passed NEEV School having a happy reunion with her friends of Std. 9


Biscuit eating race for children of Kindergarten


 Balloon blowing race for children of LKG


Wearing the shoe race for children of Std. 1


Hopping race by students of Std. 3


Bursting the Balloon Race for Std. 2


 50 m dash for Std 4


Spoon and Marble Race for Std. 5


 Three legged race for Std. 6 & 7


 Musical Chairs for Std. 8, 9 & 10


 Shikha commenting on the state of affairs


 NEEV CIL Members and teachers giving cards to their students


 The NEEV Vidyalaya Senior School Students and Teachers – A Happy Community


Children’s Day at NEEV Vidyalaya – Part 1

Children’s Day at NEEV Vidyalaya was celebrated on the 13th of Nov. We all know that in itself there are nothing special about any day. It is as special as the value we ascribe to it. Going even further, one can actually ask oneself as to why do we want to create some special days? Does this mean that other days are not special or we are happy consigning our lives to the unbroken monotony of our daily routines; and then tiring of this daily grind we invent some days to perk up and add colour to lives. Is there a way of living possible where not a single day is not dull and boring?

 Having said that, at NEEV Vidyalaya, we take such days as an opportunity to reflect deeply into what it means to educate children in a true sense. I have been holding this question within me for the last two decades but surprisingly I have not yet ceased discovering the treasures, an inquiry into this question yields.

 Teachers of Junior school prepare handmade cards for every child in our school from Std. 4 upwards. The teachers of every class then write a note to every student in the card. This gives an opportunity for the teacher to reflect on his/her unique relationship with every child as well as it gives an opportunity for the child to come to know about himself/herself. While I was distributing the cards I had written for the children in my class of Std. 8, 9 & 10, I saw one of my Std. 10 boys flashing the card I had given to him last year. He enthusiastically told me that he had kept this card even to this day. The card had a picture of a candle on it. It struck me that no matter how old and tired is the metaphor of a teacher lighting a candle in the life of a child, it is a movement that endlessly renews itself. The metaphor may be old but the flame of the candle is always anew, shedding its light of intelligence and love that pierces through the darkness of all ignorance.

 I am sharing some cards that I had written for my students of Class 10. They give a peek into the lives of children at NEEV 🙂