Admissions begin : The Unique ‘5 S’ Philosophy of NEEV Vidyalaya, Hurlung

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A silent revolution is beginning to stir the sleepy little hamlet of Hurlung as NEEV Vidyalaya begins admissions. At Rs. 200 per month, NEEV Vidyalaya is going to provide high quality Integral Education in the village. The philosophy of the school can be encapsulated by 5 S. The 5 S principles are stated in the ascending order of development of consciousness of an individual.

5 S stands for

  1. Sadachar – self discipline
  2. Swadhyaya – self Knolwdge / self study
  3. Svavalamban – self reliance
  4. Swarajya – self governance
  5. Samrajya – Self Realization/Global Mind ( note the capitalization of ‘s’. Self in Vedantic language denotes Brahman or the entire universe. Self realization is the acme of human consciousness in which an individual realizes unity with the whole universe – both manifest and unmanifest.

The 5 principles of NEEV Vidyalaya are the pillars of Integral Education. Being Integral in nature means they encompass development of head, hands and heart. Being Integral also means they encompass psychological, spiritual, social, ecological, political and economic principles. Being Integral also means that they encompass the individual as well as the universe. We have formulated this philosophy after two decades of working in education. I shall be elaborating each one of them in further mails.

The principles are the guiding lights for the way education would unfurl at NEEV Vidyalaya. There is no defined limit to which these principles can be explored and developed. There is no standard form, either; no fixed mould in which the children are going to be cast. Rather each child shall flower in his/her own intelligence as they learn to explore each principle in their own unique way. The pursuit of same principles can give rise to infinite variations and diversity of expression. This shall be our humble attempt at NEEV Vidyalaya.

The teachers as well as students are the students of this path. At no point can one say that the journey has been completed. Theoretically, learning continues till infinity at each 5 S level. Education at NEEV Vidyalaya is not about pomp and show, rather it is about simplicity and silence – a life lived in the oceanic depths of the inner in harmony with the beauty of nature.

I would like to thank all our friends who have supported our journey so far. Without your support it would not have been possible to create a unique school like NEEV Vidyalaya – Hurlung. Our very special thanks to T G Sathish who gave us the strength to convert our vision to reality.

As I indicated in my previous mail, we are trying to raise about Rs. 8 Lakhs this year – apart from the contingency fund of Rs. 50 lakhs we have created – to manage the school construction for this year. We would also require your regular support for further construction and expansion of the school. So I look forward to continued support from each one of you.

I am sharing a few pics just to give you a sense of the rustic surroundings and villagescapes of NEEV Vidyalaya.

AD 2AD 3AD 4AD 5AD 6AD 7AD 9AD 10AD 11

And finally, the pic of the personality we had hired for doing publicity of our school 😊

AD 12

Sitting right in front of our school gate, a rooster rooting for our school !


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