World Consumer Rights Day : NEEV finds a mention in Guardian Magazine & Sarai at Toria

World-Consumers-Rights-DayToday is World Consume Rights Day. I take this as an opportunity to remind all of you the power you hold as consumers to change the world you live in. Your simple act of buying, purchasing or choosing how and where you spend your vacation can be an act of making this world a better place. Even as you enjoy, you can rest with a much deeper satisfaction of having played your part in taking care for the earth.

No purchasing decision exists that does not itself imply some moral choice, and there is no purchasing that is not ultimately moral in nature. So Ethical consumerism can be defined as the practice of purchasing products and services produced in a way that minimizes social and/or environmental damage, while avoiding products and services deemed to have a negative impact on society or the environment.

As you already may know that NEEV being a social enterprise, your decision to buy NEEV products helps in social and environmental ways.

  • Socially : Provides dignified employment to rural women. Helps young women to complete their degrees. Aids housewives to complement their household earnings. Provides a humane atmosphere of work, free from exploitation and in dignified labour. NEEV also runs a low cost English Medium School in the village for Integral Education of children, thereby causing all round development of society.
  • Environmentally : Creates products with absolutely no or very few chemicals. No pollution caused to surroundings. No sound, smoke or effluents produced in the process of manufacture. More and more land being brought under cultivation of herbs, thus leading to greening of the village. At present NEEV grows it’s own Aloe Vera, Mehendi, Rose and some other herbal plants.

NEEV Herbal Products are supplied to various other Social Enterprises, one of them being Sarai at Toria, an Eco Lodge situated in Panna National Park, Madhya Pradesh. Recently one of the travelers to this lodge, Mr HM Jackson, happened to use NEEV products and was enthused enough by them to make a small mention about them in the Guardian Magazine. Since the article mentions several Socially responsible initiatives in India, I thought today would be a good day to share not only the article but also about our good friends – Sarai at Toria.

The article can be found at

The Guardian

The Guardian 2

Joanna, who along with her husband Dr. Raghu founded the eco-lodge, has been a great friend of NEEV and has not only religiously stocked NEEV products at her lodge but has actively been spreading the word of NEEV to all travelers. Our sincere thanks to them for being such good friends and for their wonderful initiative. Their website is

I am including a detailed write-up along with pictures about Sarai at Toria so that if any of you are interested, you may consider spending your vacations here.



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