NEEV Vidyalaya – Hurlung : A Small Monument Created by the Large Heartedness of People


Shikha and Anurag at the NEEV Vidyalaya, Hurlung Construction Site

Dear Friends,

Usually schools are created by governments, businessmen or politicians. Very rarely are they created by common people who have a passion for education. This is because building a school involves massive capital as initial investment. Unlike a business, the returns are very slow. And to compensate for the returns, schools have to charge high fees. The result is that all good schools are built for the rich, by the rich. Not only that, the education system belted out by these schools have to cater to market demands of mere skill development rather than the total development of children – body, heart and mind.

Meanwhile the poor are relegated to an inferior education system with poorly qualified, disinterested teachers and a languishing environment. For generations they suffer a life of inferiority complex and disempowerment. Of course there are always exceptions, the few who flower in the barren wastelands of educational institutions catering to the poor.

It took almost two decades of personal journey and a decade of NEEV’s journey to come to a point where we could materialize our dream for opening a small English Medium School for children of Hurlung Village. This could have in no way been possible without the unimaginable support we received from all our friends of NEEV over the years. I would like to especially mention our college mates – T G Sathish and Vivek Gahlaut – who have helped us with Rs. 30 Lakhs and Rs. 13 Lakhs for helping us in the school construction. Of course there are several others who donated us to the tune of I lakh rupees and many more who have donated in thousands. By not mentioning them I am aware of the injustice I am causing to them. I hope I shall be pardoned, considering that it would become untenable for me to mention all the names. Thus NEEV Vidyalaya, Hurlung is a small monument that embodies the large heartedness of common people; people who are not businessmen, politicians or corporates but people who have a passion for creating a just society on the basis of good quality education.

Following are the costs involved in the school construction.

Purchase of Land                                                                                               : Rs. 16,25,000 Lakhs

Design and Construction of First Floor                                                      : Rs. 34,80,400

Furniture, Electrical and Plumbing Fittings and Fixtures:                  : Rs. 4,00,000

Total Estimated Cost for the first floor                                                 : Rs. 55, 05, 400

We have received Rs. 47 lakhs as donation from various donors for the school construction. We are falling short by Rs. 8 lakhs. The costs have kept on escalating since we initially conceptualized the school. This is because we wanted the school construction to be based on indigenous materials. But considering the  long term stability and maintenance issues we had to go for more conservative and modern constructions as we went along. We are still trying our best to minimize the costs, so hopefully we may be able to shave off some expenses.

I would be really grateful if all our friends who have come together to bring NEEV to this point can help us with the remaining amount of Rs. 8 Lakhs.

You all may know that we have stopped the Rural Kids Sponsorship Scheme because we would like the school to be self – sustainable, at least in its operations. However we would require help from our friends for further construction and planned expansion of the school.

For the sake of meeting our operational expenses and contingency, we have created a Contingency Corpus Fund of Rs. 50 Lakhs and would like to increase it to Rs. 60 lakhs depending on future plans. The interest from this along with the nominal school fees we shall receive from the village school children would help us meet the operating expenses as well as my monthly honorarium of Rs. 10, 000 per month. Shikha, who would be teaching the school kids would be giving her time and energy totally on a voluntary basis.

We are planning to take admission of around 50 kids this year from Nur to Std. 3. The total monthly fee we are charging from them is Rs. 200.

I hope this gives a fair picture of the finances involved in the construction and operation of NEEV Vidyalaya.

Following is a plan of the school prepared by our Architect


The school shall prepare the children in English Medium for NIOS (National Institute of Open Schooling) Board Exams. It is the same board from which my daughter too passed her 10th Std.

At present we have finished with the boundary wall construction and foundation work. The roof for the office block and the first room is ready to be casted next week.

Shikha in her daily inspection visit of NEEV Vidyalya, Hurlung construction


Looking Back – Beginnings of  NEEV Vidyalaya in Aug 2016 – (8 months back)


We could take this unbelievable journey only due to the support we got from all of you. I hope we can continue to take forward this dream of by the continuation of your support. All those who would like to make a donation of any amount to NEEV to help us with the remaining 8 lakhs, can write to me or donate in our bank account

Bank Name – IDBI

Branch – Telco

A/c Name – NEEV

Savings Account

A/c No. – 903104000120197

IFSC – IBKL0000903

Looking forward to blessings from all of you 🙂

Madhu: The Head Mistri who is constructing our school: asking for God’s blessings before the staircase casting. His son Raja would be studying in our school in UKG




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