NEEV School – A Temple of Learning by Anand

Those who are regular readers of NEEV activities may recollect a feature on Anand, not long time back. Anand, a Production Engineer from NIT Jamshedpur happened to discover NEEV last year and fall in love with it. Thereafter, his love story continues. Despite not coming from a very affluent background, Anand donated all the money he got in his two internships as an Engineering student, to NEEV School. Presently, he is employed in Jindal Steel, Karnataka. Today I received a wonderful surprise from him. It is an article he has written on his reminiscences of NEEV School.

This is an article written by someone whose eyes and heart have the capacity to tear the veil of material appearances and clutch the Spirit. For NEEV, it is the Spirit – eternal and undying – that occupies primal attention than matter. Matter changes, evolves, decays and crumbles but the Spirit shines through all the transformations of matter. The Spirit of education, as is sadly mistaken today, does not lie in buildings and infrastructure but in that sacred relationship between the teacher and child. It is the bonding between two souls, beyond all material concerns that enkindles the Spirit. I am glad that Anand, and all the supporters of NEEV have been able to relate to the Spirit of NEEV at some level or the other. This is not only a success for NEEV but for all, for Spirit, unlike form, is not personal but universal. When one identifies with the Spirit beyond forms, one identifies with the whole universe. This identification results in a transformation, an alchemy of consciousness that raises it above petty and narrow boundaries and embrace the One. Our hope at NEEV is just to keep this lamp of Spirit shining so that it helps alight other lamps. Since I know Anand, I know that this light has been lit up in him and he shall not rest content till this light becomes a defining feature in his life.

Being the author and protagonist of NEEV, I already know what we are aiming, but it gives an added joy to the author when someone is able to read exactly what the author has wanted to convey in his story. Anand could read NEEV in his few yet intense visits. I am reproducing his article below. He had wanted me to edit it and improve upon it  but I am reproducing it “unedited” so that it retains the flavour which Anand had intended. Thank you Anand for blooming another flower in the growing tree of NEEV.



The Temple of Learning – NEEV School by Anand


Neev is an organization which is working to make a difference in the society at the grass root level. The people who are heading it are the best persons I know. Anurag Sir and Shikha Mam you both are great human beings I have ever met.

Neev is not about a school in which poor children are studying because they are lacking finances and can’t go to best schools in the city. It is not a school where either the students or the governing bodies like academic staffs, the land owner or Anurag Sir himself are doing business and want to harness the other side to the maximum. It is not a school where all the modern facilities are present to each and every student. But I will consider Neev as a temple for many students who are the future of the nation. The children who would be nowhere if they are not the part of this organization. We all talk about investing in education to make our society more beautiful, to empower women, to generate more entrepreneurs, but nobody is taking any serious action to do this. Really I am talking about making entrepreneurs from the students of Neev. I admire Anurag Sir for his sincerity, dedication, love and affection for the students of Neev. It can also be seen as (for those who do not rely on the organization) Anurag Sir’s only daughter Harshal is also studying in the same school. I came across many people but people like him who is having such dedication with their organization is very hard to find. I am telling all this because I personally know them very well and we have spent a lot of time together. They are a great source of inspiration for me.

I have visited Neev on 26th January 2012 for the first time. What I have noticed on the occasion of republic day is that the infrastructure of the school is really poor as compared to our present private schools. But the confidence level of the participants, their communication skills, their way of presentation was excellent and far above my expectations. I was thinking that how these students can speak English so well? How their overall personality development is cared? Slowly I realized that the reason is Anurag Sir and their dedicated team of academic staffs. What I like most in the school is that not only few students are cared and treated specially as per their performance but equal attention is given to all of them. From that day I went to the school many a time. At least on 15th of August and 26th of January. I have taken many classes in this school as well. One day I went to the school along with some of my friends. Two of them are from the best schools in India. One of my friend is highly surprised to see the performance of the students. Their knowledge, clarity, confidence and specially the correct pronunciation of the words (in which we are lacking most) is of utmost quality. All of my friends have appreciated that the students from this school can be as competitive and knowledgeable as in the private schools having all facilities.

A school is a never ending journey in which students come and go. But it is the governing body and the teachers who have to show their patience and affection in the school for smooth functioning of it. And with the available resources from which Neev is working, it is very hard to manage day to day problem. I think it is the wish of the guardians and the sponsors that is giving strength to the dream of Anurag Sir. One salute from my side to a person who has dedicated his life for the needy people.

Best Regards,