Picnic with NEEV Herbal Rural Ladies

It has been picnic season. Some weeks back, Shikha along with the rural women working in the NEEV Herbal Unit (along with their children), went for a picnic to Chandil Dam. Here are some photos



Independence Day at NEEV School – 2013

The coming Republic Day made me realize that I had not shared with all of you the wonderful photos of Independence Day celebrated last year at NEEV School. The threat of imminent rains was hanging large till the previous day. Fortunately and quite surprisingly, 15th Aug 2013 turned out to be a nice sunny day with beautiful tufts of white clouds floating across a crystal blue sky.


NEEV School Picnic at Tata Steel Zoo – 2013

A couple of weeks back we took the NEEV School children out for a picnic to the Tata Steel Zoo on a pleasant, surprisingly sunny, winter morning. Here are some of the pics. Of course I could not share all of them. As you scroll down you might notice a picture of an hippopotamus. Well, it attests to my personal weakness for this animal. I had a very benign feeling about it, till one day my daughter showed a Discovery Channel telecast where the hippopotamus is rated as the seventh most violent fighter among the top ten animals in the world. While it came as a surprise to me, the hippo remains one of my favourites.

On behalf of NEEV School, I would like to thank the Rural Kids Sponsors whose help has made it possible for us to take the children out for this wonderful picnic.